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Power transmission towers

Деревянные опоры ЛЭП и ЛЭС  

  Our company produces the towers and their component parts from the selected pine of the first and second grade in accordance with the requirements of GOST 9463-88. Butt-log portion is only used for production.

The wooden towers are to correspond to the specified dimensions. The main parameter is pole’s diameter. Generally, there are two main diameters: head top and butt diameter, which is measured at a distance of 1.5 meter from the ground surface. These sizes may vary due to the nominal length of pole details and their type.

The length of details may range from 3.5 to 13 meters and they are of light, medium and hard types. The head top and butt diameters of different towers’ details change upwards due to their type. Thus, the light details will have the smaller diameter than the hard ones.

LLC “RUSSHPALA” produces the wooden towers for power lines by individual orders of clients and in accordance with the dimensions specified in the request.



Advantages of wooden towers for power transmission and communication lines:

  • Wooden towers are cheaper and more affordable than those made of metal and reinforced concrete;
  • Operational life of wooden towers comes to decades. The minimal lifetime is for about 30 years and the average one – 50 years;
  • Wooden towers are more convenient and cheaper in transporting because they weigh less than the towers from reinforced concrete. Due to this fact it is possible to save on transportation taking lease of just several cars;
  • Wooden items are not exposed to abrasive erosion;
  • Power transmission towers made up of the wood are modest to weather environment; they are humidity-resistant and tolerant to the strong wind etc.


We treat the wooden towers with preservatives, which belong to TOC chemical group (chrome-cuprum-arsenic). towers treated with the preservative are scent-free. Besides, they have a dry and clean surface.


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