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Timber sleepers for track switches

Брус деревянный   LLC “RUSSHPALA” is involved in production and distribution of timber sleepers for track switches.
A great number of track switches within the steel railway tracks are exploited on the timber sleepers. The main advantages of timber sleepers for track switches consist in the light weight of the construction and its hardness. These peculiarities ensure the safe railway operation.

LLC “RUSSHPALA” uses the selected pine wood for production of timber sleepers for track switches. Such wood is supplied by the lumber companies of Ural and Siberia.

Timber sleepers for track switches meet the requirements of the following state standards:

  • GOST 8816-2003,regulates the quality standards of used wood and geometrical parameters of timber sleepers;
  • GOST 2770-74 , regulates the technology of timber sleepers covering with the protective agent;
  • • Our company offers the customer two types of timber sleepers:
Certificate of conformity   LLC “RUSSHPALA” produces the timber sleepers for track switches of three types:



  • The first type is used within the main running lines. Cross-sectional dimension of these timber sleepers is 180×260 millimeters. The length of timber sleepers may range from 3000 to 5500 millimeters
  • The second type is used within the low-density lines. The timber sleepers of this type feature the cross-sectional dimension of 160×250 millimeters;
  • The third type is used within the approach roads of different enterprises. Cross-sectional dimension of these timber sleepers is 160×230 millimeters.

Although the production of timber sleepers for track switches is well developed branch in the modern Russia, but it is better to buy these products directly from the manufacturer. We guarantee that our products meet all requirements of GOSTs and standard specifications.



LLC “RUSSHPALA” - is one of the leading enterprises in the market of cross tie products. Many regular clients purchase the timber sleepers for track switches, bridge timbers, permanent-way materials and other products in merchant quantities. Therefore, it is usual for our company to ship the merchandise in large runs.

Our clients know that it is better to order a large batch from the responsible and reliable producer than deal with the intermediate parties.


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