Строганные изделия

LLC RUSSHPALA produces and sells impregnated wood products for construction and exterior decoration. All our products undergo additional processing - impregnation in a special autoclave. Pine timber is suitable for impregnation, due to its structure, they lend themselves well to deep impregnation, dry quickly, retain their properties and quality characteristics for a long time. The use of impregnated planed products allows you to save money and get high-quality structures with a long service life.

Impregnated planken

Planken is a wooden planed board, which is used for cladding surfaces and building structures. Products differ from ordinary wooden blocks in beveled and rounded corners.

Impregnated planken has the following advantages compared to untreated wood and thermowood: Affordable price per square meter of front board:

  • Cost is lower than thermal wood;
  • The material does not require additional treatment with antiseptics, it is resistant to moisture. microorganisms;
  • Planken is an environmentally friendly building material that does not absorb pollution, odors;
  • Products are not susceptible to mold, mildew, decay processes.

Terrace and deck board

Decking is a planed wood material that is used for indoor and outdoor flooring. The most popular are two types of profiles: "corduroy" and "deck". The first is distinguished by the presence of ribs on the front side. This makes it convenient for laying outdoors: in rainy weather, on a relief surface there is no chance of slipping and falling. The second type of profile is smooth on each side.

Производство террасных досок осуществляется на современном оборудовании. Это гарантирует высококачественную обработку, отсутствие сколов и неровностей. В зависимости от характеристик и свойств поверхности террасная доска делится на типы или сорта.

Impregnated lumber

LLC RUSSHPALA produces and sells timber made by impregnation technology: impregnated boards, beams, joists and rafters, fasteners, etc.

  • roof rafters;
  • logs for terraces and balconies;
  • frame for gazebos and house construction.

Such wood is aimed at outdoor use, reliably protected from moisture, mold, rot, fungus, insects. It retains its aesthetic appearance for a long time, a bright shade, even under the influence of direct sunlight.