15 years on the market

Russhpala is a manufacturer of treated wood, as well as railway sleepers, utility poles and other products made from it.

Supply experience

Ship and auto cargo delivery

Quality & technologies

High service standards and state-of-the-art technology.

High manufacturing capacity

With 3 separate manufacturing plants, we can manufacture our products in large volumes.

About Us

Russhpala LLC is leading producer of industrial pressure-treated wood products. Responding to the infrastructure needs, we manufacture and distribute railway ties, utility poles, residential lumber and industrial wood products across the continent.

With 3 wood-treating facilities, finished goods yards, Russhpala is principal supplier to the continent’s electrical and telecommunications industries, its railway operators and residential retail market.

By adhering to our core competencies while pursuing strategic growth, our company has established itself as a strong, reliable supplier to its customers and a leader in the  wood treating industry.

Our company strives to be the performance leader in the wood preserving industry to the world.

Effective preservative technologies extend the service life of timbers, making them a high-performance, for a wide range of construction, landscaping and engineering applications.

With leading wood protection –  coupled with a full-service support provision, our mission is to help you make the most of this sustainable and adaptable construction material.

We offers proven and innovative technologies that preserve, protect and enhance wood.

Our tried, tested and trusted wood protection products and services will give you and your customers real world performance.

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We carried out deliveries to Italy, Palestine, France, Iran, the UAE, Egypt, Estonia, Kuwait and Ukraine.