Treated timber

Russhpala is a large-scale manufacturer of treated timber products, with efficient logistics solutions that allow to quickly and efficiently deliver the timber to any location in Europe. The timber is treated by impregnating it with a high-quality antiseptic preservative named Tanalith E, using an autoclave. This method allows the treatment to deeply impregnate the structure of the timber, ensuring its durability. The tanalised timber that results from this process is odourless and has a pleasant brown hue, making it the perfect choice for various construction projects.

Frequent applications for treated timber

Thanks to its durability and desirable appearance, treated sawn timber is a popular construction material, that’s being applied in varied structures. Starting from decking and terraces, to residential buildings, there are countless possible ways of using impregnated timber in construction. Take a look at the most popular uses for tanalised timber and advantages it provides for these structures.

Construction of houses and garden houses

It’s a water-soluble antiseptic that’s been slowly but steadily becoming the preferred treatment option for timber used in railway sleepers over the last few decades, as it’s not only environmentally safer but also able to prolong the lifetime of timberTanalised timber is often used for the construction of various elements of wooden houses, such as rafters, ceilings, floor joists, reinforced beams and others. The durability of tanalised timber allows to use it for such purposes and its positive qualities as a wood material makes it an appealing material for those who want an improved quality of the living environment. In addition to that, tanalised timber is fire resistant, retaining its structural properties in the case of fire for at least 60 minutes. products, compared to other treatment options. We provide tanalised railway sleepers to customers around the world.

Construction of terraces, decks and other outdoor recreational areas

Impregnated timber has for a long time been the classic material option for the creation of decks and terraces – almost anyone can likely picture the image of a wooden terrace. The reason for that lies both in its aesthetic, as well as its technical properties. When it comes to the aesthetic, it creates a sought-after rustic appearance, meanwhile, on the technical side, terraces made of treated sawn timber require a minimal amount of construction time and don’t have to be painted. In addition to all that, as timber is a natural material, it also creates a pleasant living environment.

Construction of piers and moorings for ships

When it comes to construction of piers, docks and other water-based structures, the most important aspect of a construction material is its ability to withstand decay from the corrosive impacts of water. However, in many cases the owners of such structures also want the material to be visually appealing, in order to create a pleasant ambience. Therefore, treated timber is the perfect choice for such structures, as it combines excellent water-resistance with a stunning look. Moreover, it is able to maintain those properties for several decades.

Landscape design

All of the mentioned properties also make treated timber a great material for landscape design. Planter boxes, fences, garden furniture, pergolas, terraces, patios and other architectural elements made from it will both look stunning and serve for a long time, which is why they’re the preferred choice for many landscape designers. An additional advantage provided by tanalised timber is that it does not require any treatment with protective coatings during its whole lifetime, therefore, it allows to save on maintenance costs.

Advantages of tanalised timber

When it comes to construction, any kind of impregnated timber can be considered superior to regular, untreated timber, because it has a considerably longer lifespan and resistance to various environmental factors. Meanwhile, impregnation with Tanalith E has its own benefits in comparison to other wood treatments, making it a highly regarded construction material. Here are the main advantages provided by tanalised timber:

  • Moisture protection
  • Protection against rot and insects
  • No paint coating required
  • Safe for people and animals