Our Manufacturing Process

The cycle of our production

1. Logging on our company's own forest sites

Manufacturing 2

2. Logs are brought to the factory

Manufacturing 3

3. Sawing logs on a sawmill

4. Drying of boards in drying chambers

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5. Planing boards, planing on machines

6. Impregnation of products with antiseptics in an autoclave


7. Sending to customers

Advantages of our Organization over others

We impregnate the products with more than one antiseptic, as many factories do. Our production facilities allow impregnation with three different antiseptics for different needs (Tanalith, Creosote, CCA).

We have 3 large autoclaves for uninterrupted operation, each can produce up to 10,000 m3 per year, the total capacity is 30,000 m3/year.

The production line allows you to produce three main products. These are lumber (boards, beams, and much more). Supports & poles of power lines and power lines, and stakes for vineyards. And railway sleepers of various types and sizes.

Our drying complex allows processing up to 10,000 m3 of material per year. The geographical location in the forest region allows us not to carry raw materials from afar if necessary, thus we do not experience problems with the supply of raw materials.

Our organization has a large forest plot leased from the state for 49 years, which allows us to harvest and process wood independently of suppliers.

Our organization has an FSC certification confirming our integrity.