Energy and telecom poles

As an experienced manufacturer of varied wooden products, Russhpala can provide high-quality treated wood posts, for example, utility poles and fencing. Our timber poles stand out with their exceptional quality and durability, and their lifespan reaches up to 40-50 years, ensuring that you won’t have to invest in re-installing them anytime soon. We have been manufacturing treated timber posts for more than 10 years, with countless satisfied customers in several countries. Whatever the requirements of your project are, we’re sure that our treated wood posts are the best option on the market.

Timber treatment options for wooden utility poles

Our treated utility poles are generally made using one of three timber treatment options – CCA, creosote or Tanalith. CCA is usually the most cost-effective option, providing an excellent balance of quality and cost. Meanwhile, creosote has been one of the most popular wood treatment options for more than a century, therefore, naturally, it’s also widely used for treated timber posts. However, the European Union has recently started to restrict the use of both treatment options, due to concerns about their environmental impact.

That’s why recently the most popular treatment option for wooden utility poles has been Tanalith. Tanalised timber posts might seem a bit more costly at first, however, it’s an investment that pays off in the long term, as Tanalith isn’t only friendlier to the environment but also considerably prolongs the lifespan of treated timber posts. Therefore, they are becoming increasingly in demand. We are one of the leading manufacturers of treated utility poles in Russia, with the ability to supply tanalised timber posts, as well as timber poles treated with creosote or CCA to customers across Europe, Asia and other locations.

Advantages of wooden utility poles, in comparison to other materials

The wood preservative Tanalith is a modern and ecologically friendlier way of protecting timber products against decay.

It’s a water-soluble antiseptic that’s been slowly but steadily becoming the preferred treatment option for timber used in railway sleepers over the last few decades, as it’s not only environmentally safer but also able to prolong the lifetime of timber products, compared to other treatment options. We provide tanalised railway sleepers to customers around the world.

Railway sleThe size of the products

- Water-soluble impregnation compound «Tanalith Е» (antiseptics composition: copper compound);

- Creosote.

Antiseptic penetration depth - not less than 100% of sapwood layer width.

Service life of wooden poles - 40 years.

 Pole length in metersClass of supporting towers
Light (L)Medium (М)Stout (S)
Least diameter in the upper end in mmLeast diameter in the upper end in mmLeast diameter in the upper end in mm