Railway sleepers

Railway sleepers, also called railroad ties in some parts of the world, literally carry the weight of the world’s railways on their back. That’s why safe and reliable sleepers are an integral part of every new railway construction project. Russhpala is the biggest manufacturer of railway sleepers in Russia and one of the biggest in Europe, with three factories that manufacture products for clients in more than 10 countries.

About our products

We offer three different types of treated timber railway sleepers to our customers, with the main difference between them being the method of treating the wood they are made of. Those include timber treated with creosote, timber treated with CCA (chromated copper arsenate) and tanalised timber (receiving its name from the wood preservative Tanalith). Find out more about them below!

Tanalised timber

The wood preservative Tanalith is a modern and ecologically friendlier way of protecting timber products against decay. It’s a water-soluble antiseptic that’s been slowly but steadily becoming the preferred treatment option for timber used in railway sleepers over the last few decades, as it’s not only environmentally safer but also able to prolong the lifetime of timber products, compared to other treatment options. We provide tanalised railway sleepers to customers around the world.

Railway sleepers impregnated with creosote

Creosote is an oil consisting of chemicals derived from coal, which has been used to prevent decay of timber since the 19th century. Therefore, it has naturally been the most popular treatment option for wooden railroad ties since the early days of railway construction. However, due to the emergence of better treatment options (both in terms of performance and environmental impact), it's slowly losing its positions in this regard. Russhpala offers creosote-treated railroad ties to customers outside the EU.

Railway sleepers treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA)

CCA is a popular and cost-effective treatment for timber products that’s widely used for impregnation of railway sleepers. However, due to possible health and environmental concerns being uncovered, its usage is being phased out in some regions of the world. Nevertheless, it is still often used in new railway projects as well. We can supply CCA treated timber sleepers for customers outside of the EU.

Why choose us?

Russhpala is a proven manufacturer of railway sleepers, operating in the industry for more than a decade. We have always closely followed the latest technical innovations in the field and adhered to the strict quality standards. Therefore, our products have always been able to compete with any other manufacturer. In addition to that, we are able to manufacture railway sleepers according to the individual requirements of our clients. That’s why we have successfully established partnerships not only with privately-owned companies but also with the national railway networks of several countries.

- Water-soluble impregnation compound «Tanalith Е» (antiseptics composition: copper compound);

- Creosote