About our Company

High service standards and state-of-the-art technology

«RUSSHPALA», LLC  is a  vertically integrated holding company incorporating industrial enterprises.

We are the country’s largest producer of high-quality products for track structure and a reputed expert of wood impregnation for 15 years.

We specialize in the production of:

  • Machine rounded and peeled posts (Tanalith, Creosote, CCA);
  • Energy and telecom poles (Tanalith, Creosote, CCA);
  • Railway sleepers (Tanalith, Creosote, CCA);
  • Planed products (Tanalith);
  • Treated Timber (Tanalith, Creosote, CCA);

Key advantages

  • The products are made according to customer requirements.
  • We use the best antiseptics for timber treatment
  • Possibility to make custom-made products
  • Modern technologies
  • Optimal logistics
  • Experience of deliveries to EU, Middle East and Africa

Impregnation is carried out using the antiseptic, the method of impregnation is autoclave, working pressure 1 MPa.

Products is made of spruce and pine (grades 1 and 2). The raw material is a forest located north of the 60th parallel, which is the optimal material for lumber, due to its physical and mechanical properties.

For 15 years, our company has been a conscientious supplier of treated timber.

The company is a partner DIY retail chains, and the products of OOO “Russhpala” can be  found on the shelves of their stores in the joinery products department.

Deliveries are carried out by car, containers, railway, water transport.

Our company is the exporter of the year in the Russian Federation in 2018, 2020.

We offer various types of treated timber, that fully meet your technical conditions: price calculation is individual for each Customer. There is a flexible system of discounts depending on the shipments total.

Russpala has received international FSC certification

Map of Companies

We carried out deliveries to Italy, Palestine, France, Iran, the UAE, Egypt, Estonia, Kuwait and Ukraine.